By honoring a human rose in bloom.


"Imagine. . . . if just for one day . . . that every human being had the courage to show the world all of their inner goodness and beauty, regardless of the perceived effects. What would society look like? If not while on Earth, what are we waiting for?" - Cheri Lutton

" . . . a fascinating journey into the heart and mind of courageous living. Cheri Lutton has been able to beautifully weave wit and wisdom with leadership and humanity. The perfect read for anyone who loves people and essential for anyone desiring to be a great leader!"
-Doug Wead, former special assistant, Bush White House

For anyone who is up for taking a bigger bite out of life, Mirrors of Love will provide the inspiration, direction, and insights that will make its audience salivate to make new and wonderful things happen in their own life. Experience Mirrors of Love and reap the rewards that are yours for the taking!"
-Larry Wilson,   Author, 
Play To Win


What do Princess Diana, Rachael Lampa and Bob Proctor                                            ALL have in common?


How does rose gardening relate to humanity?

Passion and purpose.

Beauty and genius.

What is holding YOU back from realizing YOUR passion and purpose?

Are you on the verge of YOUR greatness?

Ready to transform inspiration into income,and passion into wealth in ALL aspects of your life?


Read about and experience these three AND

many other leaders in

Mirrors of Love-In Acts of Courage



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Nothing would delight me more in this tiny life of mine than to realize my dreams of honoring people for their inner beauty and genius . . creating a positive movement toward celebrating the centered qualities of humanity, thereby advancing a legacy in leadership. For what more can I offer than to honor my fellow man? What individual does not like to be valued and recognized for his or her ordinary acts of goodness and inner beauty? Dare to dream. This could be you.


Wouldn't you like to tap into the courageous secrets behind famous leaders in all aspects of life such as Colin Powell, Pope John Paul II, President John Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, Princesses Diana and Grace, Jacqueline Kennedy, Mother Teresa, Jesus, Blessed Mother Mary? What about business leaders like Larry Wilson, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, and Steve Siebold? How about performers like Rachael Lampa and Crystal Lutton? Why not also glean from the inspirations of private individuals just like yourself with incredible stories of leadership?

Congratulations, we have been expecting you.

Are you ready to latch on to a bold and inspirational line of gifts, multimedia goods, services, and events that will unleash your power? I offer the first flames of this igniting glow, which I hope to build into a radiant illumination around the world, through the first book of a series, Mirrors of Love - In Acts of Courage, Mirrors of Love Music CD, Television or Video Shows, Leadership Awards, Events, Quotes, and many other inspirational gifts and e-goods soon to be available on our shopping cart.

Mirrors of Love